New solutions in Biodiesel

The next generation in biodiesel technology

Our CTER technology "Continuous Trans Esterification Reactor" opens a new chapter in biodiesel production:
With up to 50% lower costs of investment and practically 100% yield.
Installations built in container sized modules, iconsiderably less space requirement.
Multi-feed-stock technology capable for processing vegetable oils/fats, used frying oil iand animal fats/tallow.
Standard fuel quality according to international standards such as EN 14214

A new biodiesel solution
ENERGEA Environmental Technology is an innovative research company that follows a new approach in the field of biofuels.
The range of our activities includes biofuels and natural solvents.
The principles of sustainability and natural cycles are the driving force of our motivation. We aim to find intelligent and economically optimized solutions that are environmentally friendly and do not waste our resources. After all, environmental technology has to be economical, as well.

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